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Hi, thank you for checking out TheLondonGirl, I hope you enjoy my content on this blog. Here you'll find all the details about working with me. If you have any questions feel free to pop a email over to ( lucy.e.watkins@live.co.uk ) or shoot me a tweet at @lucrativelucy.

Info for Readers/Disclaimer
I often work with a variety of brands to interest you as readers via advertising, product reviews pr general content. I never work with brands that I don't feel fit this blog or I have a interest in. Products I received for review will be marked with a asterix (*) to inform you its been gifted. I also state when a post is sponsored but this doesn't hinder my opinion, all my reviews are 100% honest.
Some of the links I use are affiliate links generated by SkimLinks. This means if you click on a affiliate link & purchase something from that retailer, I may receive a small percentage of your purchase for sending you. This does not add any extra costs to you.
My photos aren't watermarked but this doesn't mean you can take my photos without my permission.