Why I've Been MIA

Saturday, 23 September 2017
Well where do I start. I haven’t posted in nearly a year & what a year it’s been. 2017 hasn’t been the best year for me & my channel, this blog & some many other things have taken a backseat because of this.
Let’s start at the beginning, in February this year my Nan sadly lost her battle with cancer & it was a really tough time for my family. This was my third grandparent I had to say goodbye to & it’s made me cherish my grandad even more. It wasn’t the best start t the year with this, work & a relationship all not going well.

In March the worst thing happened to my little family. We lost our little fur baby Maddie. This was worst the thing that happened this year & it still hurts to this day. We sadly had to put Maddie down as we found out she had cancer & it was too late to try & fight it. I say this was the worst thing to happen as it was so unexpected for my family. She got bad really quickly & it happened within a matter of days. Losing a pet has really made me rethink getting another in the future.

Now the last big thing that happened to me this year was becoming single. Yes I’m single again. Am I sad about this, no not one bit. There are many reasons why I’m not sad about being single again. Firstly I’m the happiest I’ve been in a very long time & that’s a great feeling. I no longer feel like I’m not good enough or a boring waste of space. I now love myself more, I don’t have as many issues with my body or the way I look & it’s amazing. I never thought my relationship was that bad for me till I got dumped & was happy about it.
Now that does sound bad but I kept a lot to myself about that relationship & it wasn’t perfect at all. I’ve also started dating again which is weird & fun at the same time, I’ve had some weird tinder experiences & some good dates.

We are nearing the end of September & it’s getting closer to 2018 every day. My plans for the rest of the year are to continue to focus of me & working on myself. I want to work on this blog & my channels as they have been neglected so much. I’m also going to continue dating & see what happens with that, who knows I might have someone to kiss at the stroke of midnight on new year’s eve (now I’m starting to sound like a fairy tale haha)

I’m going to make 2018 my year.

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