Spontaneous Trip To London

Thursday, 3 November 2016

A few days ago I & my boyfriend Mitchell decided to have a spontaneous trip to central London. We wanted to do stuff we don’t do every time we go into central.  Our first stop was buying ourselves a poppy each & taking a walk from waterloo station to Covent Garden to meet a good friend of mine for lunch.

For lunch we took a trip to GBK, we met up with my friend Dionne who was also in London for the day. We sat for a few hours & chit chatted about plans we have & my trip away. It got to 2/3pm & we decided to part ways.

I had to go to laduree before we left Covent Garden as this is a tradition. I treated myself to two macaroons then we made our way to a theatre ticket shop. Mitchell & I decided it would be nice to see a show as we had three that we really wanted to see. A quick 10 minutes in this shop & we found out that there was tickets available for one of the shows we wanted to see. Which was Wicked.

After buying our tickets we had a little stroll down all the little roads & ended up in Forbidden Planet, this is one of my favourite places to go when in London for the day. It has so many cool things from so many popular films & shows. After our little wander we ended up in Leicester square. We decided to go to the Hippodrome Casino for a laugh. Neither of us have ever been in here so we thought we would grab a drink (The cocktails are amazing) & maybe play a slot or two. Well an hour & many cocktails later we ended up winning money.

We decided after our little win we would head to this café we was told about in the theatre ticket shop. As we bought tickets from them we could go to The Theatre Café an get a drink & a slice of cake for free, by this time it was starting to get cold so I had a hot chocolate & a slice of brownie to warm myself up. The hot chocolate was lovely & my brownie was amazing. I really recommend this place, the décor is amazing. Everything is musical themed & the music they play is from musicals.

Once we finished our drinks we took another stroll towards green park station & hopped on the tube to Victoria station. We were a little early for the show so we had a little drink in a bar we found inside that station. It finally got to 7pm & we decided to head over to the theatre to get our seats & some treats for the show.

I’ve seen wicked before but this was 7 or 8 years ages & I wanted to see it again so much. I have to say I wasn’t disappointed at all, it was even better then I remembered it & our seats where amazing considering it was such a last minute thing. While we watched the show I ordered food & drinks to come to our seats during the interval through the ATG App. It’s such a great thing, all you have to do is pop your seat number & row in then pick everything you want & pay for it with a card or PayPal then in the interval in comes to your seat as soon as the interval starts. I love this as I hate having to join the crazy queues. I also ate my macaroons while we watched wicked & treated myself to a champagne Bellini.
All in all I had the loveliest spontaneous day ever. It was so nice not having any plans at all & just winging everything we did. 

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  1. I love this post! It was so nice seeing you the other day and getting to meet Mitchell. I'm loving the new layout too x


    1. Thank you Dionne, It was so nice seeing you as well. Thank you, I love it too xx