Disneyland Paris 2016 | Sequoia Lodge Hotel Review

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

 Last month I was lucky enough to be taken to Disneyland Paris by my boyfriend for our first anniversary together. This was my first time ever going to Disneyland Paris & I was very excited.  We travelled by Eurostar via an indirect route & pulled into the station a 1pm.

Once I got into Marne La Vallee station we grabbed our suitcases & headed to our hotel. I was very lucky as I got to stay in a Disney hotel which I’ve never done before. The hotel I stayed in was Sequoia Lodge Hotel, this hotel is one of the higher priced hotels that Disneyland Paris has to offer. When booking our trip we had a little think about what hotel we wanted to stay at & how much we wanted to spend, we finally decided to pick a hotel that we loved the look of & wanted to stay in an not worry about the price.
Sequoia Lodge is a beautiful hotel that is surrounded by trees & looks onto Lake Disney. This hotel is themed around a mountain lodge in America, the theming runs through the whole hotel.  On arrival we made our way to the check in desk which had a huge queue but luckily we decided to upgrade when booking to a Golden Forest Club room, this cost an extra £100 but was so worth it. We checked in within minutes & was told our room was ready early so we could go straight up. Once we got to our room I was so surprised before arriving to Disneyland Paris I called up an asked if we could have one of their bigger beds instead of two small doubles, well when I opened the door I didn’t expect the room to be so big, I thought it would be a normal sized room with just one bed in there but instead we had a huge hallway area with our bathroom to one side then round the corner there was our bed. Having this bigger room was great, it meant we weren’t on top of each other for the fours day & with all our shopping bags an cases everywhere we still had room & its didn’t feel cramped one bit.

Let’s talk about the upgrade to a Golden Forest Club room. This was an extra £100 but I would say that £100 is so worth it. The Disneyland Paris site doesn’t go in to detail about what you get with this upgrade just a few bullet points about the perks of it. I thought I would go into more detail about what you get & what it means. As I mentioned before check in was a lot faster this was due to have having access to a private reception desk, this means we could skip the queue at check in & get checked in within minutes. If you want to get into the park faster this is a plus as you was in an out in minutes with everything you needed.
Something that really sold us on the upgrade was the fact that in the mornings for breakfast we got to eat our breakfast in a private lounge that also included a hot American buffet. The bf said this was the best thing about our upgrade as he doesn’t like a normal breakfast much but loves a cooked breakfast. If you are staying in a standard room you also get breakfast but it’s a continental breakfast which consists on bread, pastries & cereal. The upgrade breakfast consists of a continental breakfast but also an American style buffet which consisted of pancakes, bacon, scrambled egg, veal sausage & potatoes. When I found out we got pancakes & bacon at breakfast I was in love.
Another perk was another private lounge that was attached to this breakfast lounge & you could pop into this lounge from 12pm to 10:30pm every day for free (yes you read that right FREE) drinks. They offered a range of soft & hot drinks for you to pick up throughout the day. Something I found that no one else talked about was the fact that this perk was unlimited, you could go into the lounge multiple times a day & get free drinks. They had everything from coke cola to a hot chocolate & you could take away as much as you like (within reason of course). This lounge also offered a Tea Time Treat from 4pm to 6pm, now I would say this service was a lot better than the Tea Time Treat you get in the parks. It’s more relaxed & you get a lot more. On arrival for the Tea Time Treat they seat you down & you order a drink an once this is done you are free to go to the buffet table as many times you like & fill up on cakes, desserts & canapes. We loved coming back at around 4pm an having this treat as it was a nice little break from the cold weather & some time to relax.
The last main perk of upgrading had to be the VIP Fast passes. You got one per day you visited the parks & got to use it whenever you wanted during the day expect between 1pm & 4pm. This was due to the fact normal fast passes were being used during this time. VIP Fast passes are great if you are staying during a busy time but we found that we manged to get one nearly every ride we wanted to go on in an acceptable time. It was nice having them though as we could jump on a ride we wanted to go on again & avoid the queues.
Other little perks included a mini fridge in your hotel room (this came in handy for keeping the free drinks cold). We also had a coffee pod machine & a kettle in our room.

One thing that I loved was the bar area in the hotel, it was so cosy & warm every night with lots of people just relaxing after a day in the parks, we treated ourselves to drinks in the bar a few times & it was a lovely experience.
Something that I truly loved at this hotel was the staff, everyone you spoke to was so lovely & kind, not one staff member was rude or seemed miserable even the luggage guys on our last day were super happy even though we messed them about with our suitcases (Left park tickets inside them).

Overall I would say my stay at Sequoia lodge was amazing, the staff were so lovely, or breakfast was amazing everyday & the atmosphere in the hotel was beautiful. I really enjoyed my stay here & would recommend this as a place to stay if you are thinking about coming to Disney. It’s so close to the parks that makes it great to nip back during the day to get bits & it’s also so peaceful you wouldn’t think it was so close to the park/village.

I would rate this hotel a 5/5 stars. I couldn’t fault anything about it & I can wait to stay again one day.

This post in the start of a series of Disney posts. More coming soon 

(Some Images have been taken from Disneyland Paris Site)

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