What I Ate Today #1

Friday, 21 August 2015
I thought I would start doing a new segment on my blog. I’m trying to eat a lot better & I know a lot of others are to so I thought a weekly/bi weekly What I Ate Today post would be great to inspire others & also keep me on track of eating well.

I call this The Healthy Apple Crumble. This is basically a crumble but with no sugar or flour. I cut up about two small apples; I like to leave the skin on. I also added strawberries to this, you can add any other fruit you think works in a crumble. To the fruit I added mixed spice & baled in the oven until the apples went soft. For the crumble topping I took oats, mixed spice, flaked almonds & a dash of almond milk. I mixed all this together & baked this on a separate tray. When everything is ready I place the fruit in a bowl & top with the crumble, I sometimes add a little honey for some sweetness.

If I’m doing stuff for my blog or youtube channel I forget about lunch quite a bit, so when I do remember I try & make something that’s quick, easy & tasty. The easiest thing I make which also is super tasty is wholegrain ryvitas with extra mature cheese topped with parma ham. I also like to have some fruit on the side & my go to at the moment is a big pink lady apple.

Dinner is one of my favourite meals of the day. I love to play around with food & create new dinners. I decided to give courgette spaghetti ago; I bought a cheap spiralizer off eBay & used one courgette for my spaghetti. I cooked this in a pan with a little bit of oil. The topping for my spaghetti was passata with a mixture of herbs & chunks of red & yellow peppers. I also had quorn meatballs as I don’t eat meat at home much. This dish was low in calories & really tasty. 

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