Birthday Garden Party

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Last weekend my mum & I threw a little garden party for our friends & family. It was partly for my birthday & just to have everyone round. The lovely Lea from SincerelyShug & Sarah from SRFTaylor joined the party, armed with presents & wine for me & my mum.

My mum & I baked lots of treats. I made my chocolate cookies that everyone loves & my mum made lots of little cupcakes & all of them have different flavored icing.

My drink of choice at the party was LBD (Little Black Dress) Lime & Watermelon vodka. This stuff is amazing, I picked this up in Asda for just under £10 & it’s a low calorie vodka. It has half the amount of calories compared to normal vodka but LBD has a great fruit taste. I paired this vodka with diet lemonade for the perfect guilt free drink. An of course I had to use my mason jar & cute pink paper straw.

I also made a small sweet station at the side of the table as I’m a big sweet tooth & so are the rest of my family. I picked some of my favourite wrapped sweets. I picked wrapped sweets as this made it easier for everyone to grab them & also meant no germs.

To finish the table off we had lots of food & drink an of course some pretty flowers. It wouldn’t be a garden party without a big bunch of flowers. 

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