Disneyland Paris 2016 | Sequoia Lodge Hotel Review

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

 Last month I was lucky enough to be taken to Disneyland Paris by my boyfriend for our first anniversary together. This was my first time ever going to Disneyland Paris & I was very excited.  We travelled by Eurostar via an indirect route & pulled into the station a 1pm.

Once I got into Marne La Vallee station we grabbed our suitcases & headed to our hotel. I was very lucky as I got to stay in a Disney hotel which I’ve never done before. The hotel I stayed in was Sequoia Lodge Hotel, this hotel is one of the higher priced hotels that Disneyland Paris has to offer. When booking our trip we had a little think about what hotel we wanted to stay at & how much we wanted to spend, we finally decided to pick a hotel that we loved the look of & wanted to stay in an not worry about the price.
Sequoia Lodge is a beautiful hotel that is surrounded by trees & looks onto Lake Disney. This hotel is themed around a mountain lodge in America, the theming runs through the whole hotel.  On arrival we made our way to the check in desk which had a huge queue but luckily we decided to upgrade when booking to a Golden Forest Club room, this cost an extra £100 but was so worth it. We checked in within minutes & was told our room was ready early so we could go straight up. Once we got to our room I was so surprised before arriving to Disneyland Paris I called up an asked if we could have one of their bigger beds instead of two small doubles, well when I opened the door I didn’t expect the room to be so big, I thought it would be a normal sized room with just one bed in there but instead we had a huge hallway area with our bathroom to one side then round the corner there was our bed. Having this bigger room was great, it meant we weren’t on top of each other for the fours day & with all our shopping bags an cases everywhere we still had room & its didn’t feel cramped one bit.

Let’s talk about the upgrade to a Golden Forest Club room. This was an extra £100 but I would say that £100 is so worth it. The Disneyland Paris site doesn’t go in to detail about what you get with this upgrade just a few bullet points about the perks of it. I thought I would go into more detail about what you get & what it means. As I mentioned before check in was a lot faster this was due to have having access to a private reception desk, this means we could skip the queue at check in & get checked in within minutes. If you want to get into the park faster this is a plus as you was in an out in minutes with everything you needed.
Something that really sold us on the upgrade was the fact that in the mornings for breakfast we got to eat our breakfast in a private lounge that also included a hot American buffet. The bf said this was the best thing about our upgrade as he doesn’t like a normal breakfast much but loves a cooked breakfast. If you are staying in a standard room you also get breakfast but it’s a continental breakfast which consists on bread, pastries & cereal. The upgrade breakfast consists of a continental breakfast but also an American style buffet which consisted of pancakes, bacon, scrambled egg, veal sausage & potatoes. When I found out we got pancakes & bacon at breakfast I was in love.
Another perk was another private lounge that was attached to this breakfast lounge & you could pop into this lounge from 12pm to 10:30pm every day for free (yes you read that right FREE) drinks. They offered a range of soft & hot drinks for you to pick up throughout the day. Something I found that no one else talked about was the fact that this perk was unlimited, you could go into the lounge multiple times a day & get free drinks. They had everything from coke cola to a hot chocolate & you could take away as much as you like (within reason of course). This lounge also offered a Tea Time Treat from 4pm to 6pm, now I would say this service was a lot better than the Tea Time Treat you get in the parks. It’s more relaxed & you get a lot more. On arrival for the Tea Time Treat they seat you down & you order a drink an once this is done you are free to go to the buffet table as many times you like & fill up on cakes, desserts & canapes. We loved coming back at around 4pm an having this treat as it was a nice little break from the cold weather & some time to relax.
The last main perk of upgrading had to be the VIP Fast passes. You got one per day you visited the parks & got to use it whenever you wanted during the day expect between 1pm & 4pm. This was due to the fact normal fast passes were being used during this time. VIP Fast passes are great if you are staying during a busy time but we found that we manged to get one nearly every ride we wanted to go on in an acceptable time. It was nice having them though as we could jump on a ride we wanted to go on again & avoid the queues.
Other little perks included a mini fridge in your hotel room (this came in handy for keeping the free drinks cold). We also had a coffee pod machine & a kettle in our room.

One thing that I loved was the bar area in the hotel, it was so cosy & warm every night with lots of people just relaxing after a day in the parks, we treated ourselves to drinks in the bar a few times & it was a lovely experience.
Something that I truly loved at this hotel was the staff, everyone you spoke to was so lovely & kind, not one staff member was rude or seemed miserable even the luggage guys on our last day were super happy even though we messed them about with our suitcases (Left park tickets inside them).

Overall I would say my stay at Sequoia lodge was amazing, the staff were so lovely, or breakfast was amazing everyday & the atmosphere in the hotel was beautiful. I really enjoyed my stay here & would recommend this as a place to stay if you are thinking about coming to Disney. It’s so close to the parks that makes it great to nip back during the day to get bits & it’s also so peaceful you wouldn’t think it was so close to the park/village.

I would rate this hotel a 5/5 stars. I couldn’t fault anything about it & I can wait to stay again one day.

This post in the start of a series of Disney posts. More coming soon 

(Some Images have been taken from Disneyland Paris Site)

Spontaneous Trip To London

Thursday, 3 November 2016

A few days ago I & my boyfriend Mitchell decided to have a spontaneous trip to central London. We wanted to do stuff we don’t do every time we go into central.  Our first stop was buying ourselves a poppy each & taking a walk from waterloo station to Covent Garden to meet a good friend of mine for lunch.

For lunch we took a trip to GBK, we met up with my friend Dionne who was also in London for the day. We sat for a few hours & chit chatted about plans we have & my trip away. It got to 2/3pm & we decided to part ways.

I had to go to laduree before we left Covent Garden as this is a tradition. I treated myself to two macaroons then we made our way to a theatre ticket shop. Mitchell & I decided it would be nice to see a show as we had three that we really wanted to see. A quick 10 minutes in this shop & we found out that there was tickets available for one of the shows we wanted to see. Which was Wicked.

After buying our tickets we had a little stroll down all the little roads & ended up in Forbidden Planet, this is one of my favourite places to go when in London for the day. It has so many cool things from so many popular films & shows. After our little wander we ended up in Leicester square. We decided to go to the Hippodrome Casino for a laugh. Neither of us have ever been in here so we thought we would grab a drink (The cocktails are amazing) & maybe play a slot or two. Well an hour & many cocktails later we ended up winning money.

We decided after our little win we would head to this café we was told about in the theatre ticket shop. As we bought tickets from them we could go to The Theatre Café an get a drink & a slice of cake for free, by this time it was starting to get cold so I had a hot chocolate & a slice of brownie to warm myself up. The hot chocolate was lovely & my brownie was amazing. I really recommend this place, the décor is amazing. Everything is musical themed & the music they play is from musicals.

Once we finished our drinks we took another stroll towards green park station & hopped on the tube to Victoria station. We were a little early for the show so we had a little drink in a bar we found inside that station. It finally got to 7pm & we decided to head over to the theatre to get our seats & some treats for the show.

I’ve seen wicked before but this was 7 or 8 years ages & I wanted to see it again so much. I have to say I wasn’t disappointed at all, it was even better then I remembered it & our seats where amazing considering it was such a last minute thing. While we watched the show I ordered food & drinks to come to our seats during the interval through the ATG App. It’s such a great thing, all you have to do is pop your seat number & row in then pick everything you want & pay for it with a card or PayPal then in the interval in comes to your seat as soon as the interval starts. I love this as I hate having to join the crazy queues. I also ate my macaroons while we watched wicked & treated myself to a champagne Bellini.
All in all I had the loveliest spontaneous day ever. It was so nice not having any plans at all & just winging everything we did. 

Travel | 3 Days In Copenhagen

Sunday, 6 December 2015
I recently went on a three day trip to Copenhagen as a birthday & Christmas present from my sister & mum, I thought I would share some of my favourite photos & tell you what I thought of Copenhagen & what I got up to. 
The reason we went to Copenhagen was to get into the Christmas spirit & to explore a new city. We visited all the Christmas markets & I finally tried mulled wine or as they like to call it Glögg, an it was really yummy. We also ate lots of Danish pastries. 
We were wondering around Copenhagen one day & came across a boat tour through the canals, the price was amazing & we thought it would be a nice way to see more of the city & learn more about the history of Copenhagen.  Even though it was a cold wet day we really enjoyed ourselves, we got to see The Little Mermaid which was on the top of my list to do. 
I went to Copenhagen with my older sister; my flights there were a birthday gift from her & my hotel was a gift from my mum. It was nice to spend some sisterly time together as we rarely get to see each other much. 
While we were away I filmed two videos, I filmed a lookbook for my main channel & a lovely vlog for my vlog channel. You can find my lookbook here & my vlog here. 
On our first day we wandered around the streets of Copenhagen explore little roads with cute apartments on them.
When we first arrived to Copenhagen we dropped our bags off at our hotel (Which I will be reviewing soon) an we went off on a search for the Hans Christian Anderson museum. We both wanted to go here as of course he wrote so many classic fairy tales & we wanted to find out more about him as a person. Once we was inside you really forgot how many fairy tales he actually wrote. It’s made me want to collect all his books ready for when I have children. 
We went to Tivoli gardens, my dad had spoken about going here as a teen on a school trip one year & said we should go give it a look, so one evening we got all wrapped up & wandered around Tivoli gardens to get into the Christmas spirit. Tivoli gardens is an amusement park & around Christmas time also has a Christmas market. You can buy tickets to just go inside or buy tickets for all the rides as well, I’m not a big fan on rides & neither was my sister so we decided to just wander around the park. For me personally the park is beautiful with all the lights everywhere but I found the market to be a little rubbish, they literally had about 10 stalls & that was it. Once you looked around the park & at all the lights it just seemed pointless hanging around as lots of the shops & food places in the park were closed even though it was only 8pm. I would say go if you like rides but there’s no point going if you don’t as you can pretty much see all the lights from the outside. 
Overall I had a lovely time in Copenhagen & would go again in a heartbeat. The city really gets into the Christmas sprite & you don’t realize how much history here is in one city. I also love that everything was walkable, there was no need to get the metro or cabs anywhere (really helped me burn all the calories from all the pastries I ate)

Review | Reds True Barbecue

Sunday, 13 September 2015
 A few weeks ago I made a trip to Reds True BBQ with my sister. I heard about this place through a programme on ITV called BBQ Champs. Now myself & my sister love a good burger and I also love ribs, so this was the perfect place for us to try one Friday night as we were heading out in Shoreditch that night away.

The menu is full of mouth-watering things, I recommend having a look at their menu online first to get a little idea of what you like, same with their drinks menu as well. On arrival to Reds we were greeted by a lovely member of staff & she explained how Reds worked, they cook everything hours before hand as all the meat is slow cooked, this means that some items may not be available when you arrive. Luckily for us the only thing not available was burnt ends. 
We decided to get a drink while we looked over at the menu. I picked a fun cocktail as I was celebrating my one year youtube anniversary. It was hard to pick a cocktail as they had so many great ones. In the end I went for Raspberry Ripple, this is a blend of Vodka, Ice cream & frozen raspberries it was then topped with whipped cream. If you’re going to order this great I recommend stirring it every time before you drink it, the vodka settled to the bottom a little but apart from that the cocktail was great & very strong. 
After we got our drinks we ordered our food I picked the Memphis Dry St Louis Ribs (Pork Spare Ribs), I had sweet potato fries & shared a piece of cornbread with my sister. I got half a rack of ribs an oh my when they came I was surprised, they had to be the biggest half rack I’ve ever seen. I chose to keep them dry but you can ask to have them wet (sauce added before being served). The meat was cooked so well that I could literally pull it off the bone, it was still really moist & juicy even though it had been slow cooked for hours. I’ve tried St Louis ribs elsewhere & Reds have to be the best I’ve had not just for quality but for size & price. My sweet potato fries where great as well. I tried a couple of Reds sauces they have, I tried there ketchup & one of the BBQ sauces, I have to say the ketchup was my favourite were as my sister favoured the BBQ sauce more.  For half a rack of Memphis Dry St Louis Ribs & two humble sides cost £14.50.
My sister ordered the Classic Bacon Cheeseburger. You can double up with this burger & get to patties instead of one, my sister chose to stay with one & she had Skin-On Fries. She told me that the burger was really good & the bun was great. The only downside was the fact the burger was cooked medium, she told me that she would of liked to of been asked how she likes her burger cooked as she doesn’t like red meat that much but apart from that she really enjoyed it & now knows that in future to ask for it to be more well done. If you’re like my sister I would recommend you telling the waitress how you like your burger cooked in case it’s not done how you like. For a single Classic Bacon Cheeseburger with fries cost £8.95
Now I’m going to say something that a lot of Americans may hate but we decided to try the cornbread as we have never had it before & I have to say I was very disappointed with it both me & my sister said that it didn’t really have much taste to it & it also felt very stodgy like it wasn’t cooked right.
The décor in Reds is very run down burlesque joint back in the day, with the mismatched chandeliers, chipped wall paint & red signs all over the place. I loved the décor of Reds I thought the mismatched chandeliers was a great idea as it makes you look around the rest of the restaurant to see the others, which also made you look at what others had ordered. The guy’s next to us ordered the Donut Burger, yes you read that right DONUT BURGER. It looked great but also at the same looked like a challenge you would have seen on Man v Food back in the day. 
Now on to the highlight of the night, our food was great an we were just going to get the bill till we had a little look at the dessert menu. We spotted Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake this had to be the best dessert on the menu & we just had to try it. We decided to share a slice & we both wished after it came we ordered one each. The best thing about it was the fact it wasn’t an over powering peanut butter taste but it also wasn’t one where you couldn’t really taste it either. I have to say Reds got the balance just right with this dessert. 

Overall Rating 8/10